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◇ 通称:やまとなでしこ会(略称:y.n.club) y.n. stands for Yamato Nadeshiko

◇ 正式名称:The Hong Kong Japanese Professional Woman's Association







This club was established on June 14th, 1996 with a few volunteers under the witness of former HK consul general of Japan Mr. Ueda and Mrs. Ueda.

Quality seminars by prominent speakers from different community and social activities with different groups or organizations, charity concerts were carried out however HK handover to China, SARS and many other issues had put us on dormant status.

In recent years, many women have expressed their desires to re-launch the club. In response to such aspirations, we have decided to re-launch the club and have been carrying out groundwork since last July, and currently we have about 50 members.

The objective of the YN Club is “To Live a Life of Yamato Nadeshiko in the New Era” and to support women in Hong Kong to live, work and enjoy leisure moments with adaptability, resilience, integrity and grace. In this occasion of re-launching the club, we now have “Wakyo-kai” as affiliate club and carry out activities together in some occasions.